Are you interested in qualified Czech employees?


Are you a company from Poland and have you a shortage of experienced high quality staff, for your vacancies?
We provide a specialized recruitment center in the Czech Republic for the recruitment of candidates for your company.
Do you want to have a continual supply of new candidates from specialized areas?
We offer personal marketing targeted to the Czech labor market, a systematic search for suitable candidates, our expertise.

Benefits of our cooperation
1) Guarantee of Quality
We guarantee the quality according to a set standard, as licensees MPSV (The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and other certificates in HR (Human resources).
2) Knowledge of the market and the region
We understand the labor market, business relations, personal and business references in all of the regions of the Czech Republic.
3) Individual approach
We take care of your needs with specific solutions tailored to you.

Kmošek Advisory | Czech recruitment center
How to contact us?

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