Jak používat Twitter pro Váš nábor! | How to: Use Twitter for Recruiting!

  • 58% of job seekers use Twitter to search for new opportunities – the vast majority (76%) of them use it to look at companies profiles so make sure yours is up to scratch and contains a link to your company careers site.
  • 35% of Fortune 500 companies have a dedicated Twitter account for recruiting purposes – and they tweet between 1-3 times a day. A dedicated careers site means you can grow an engaged candidate pool of people who are really interested in working for your company.
  • 78% of Fortune 500 recruiting tweets use hashtags. Hashtags make a tweet searchable and are therefore essential if you want your job postings to have a wide reach. DO NOT forget to include them in your job tweets e.g. #salesjobs #jobfairy #engineeringjobs.
  • Treat Twitter like a virtual networking event – join conversations, answer candidate queries and put yourself out there.
  • Be sure to post your open roles at various times throughout the day to ensure all of your followers get the chance to see them. But be careful not to spam your followers with job tweet after job tweet, that’s teh quickest way to get someone to unfollow you.
  • Don’t just tweet job openings – use your Twitter recruiting account to provide your followers with useful career advice, relevant industry news, employee profiles and sneak peaks into your working environment. Make your Twitter recruiting account a go-to destination for potential candidates.
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