Talent Connect San Francisco 2014


Talent Connect is where the world’s talent professionals connect. For 3 years, recruiting professionals from all over EMEA have united to learn and share industry best practices, establish new connections and become inspired by stories of recruiting game-changers and talent acquisition innovators.

Learn from Glen Cathey, author of the Boolean Black Belt blog, to extract maximum value from LinkedIn’s massive professional network. Learn human capital data retrieval concepts and best practices, expose hidden talent pools within LinkedIn, and explore the five levels of LinkedIn Talent Mining.

With more than 2 million applications a year, Google has become the most sought-after workplace in the world. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President, People Operations at Google, reveals the secrets and pitfalls of Google’s „self-replicating talent machine,“ and how any organization can become a great place to work.

Ever had little budget for employer branding and minimal support from marketing? RealPage and Mozilla share how small to mid-sized business can become lean, mean, recruiting machines.

- Reklama -